Award in Fire Safety Awareness

This course gives candidates the skills, knowledge and confidence to stabilise a patient for up to forty minutes until an ambulance or other pre-hospital care provider arrives.

Course Details:

  • Awarding Body: Qualsafe
  • Qualification: Level 1
  • Duration: 1/2 Day

This course is RQF and Ofqual regulated.

The QA Level 1 Award in Fire Safety Awareness (RQF) is a regulated and nationally recognised qualification designed for those who want to increase their awareness of fire safety in the workplace.

Candidates will learn basic fire safety principles in order to ensure they are keeping themselves and others in the workplace safe at all times.

They will also learn what to do in the event of an emergency and the simple measures that can be taken to control the risk of fires.
With subjects covered in just half a day, this course is an ideal way  to ensure that all employees have a good understanding of fire safety, whilst minimising disruption to your organisation’s day to day activity.

Aspects of the Course:

  • Causes of fires in the workplace
  • The costs of fires in the workplace for employers, employees and society
  • Basic fire safety duties and responsibilities
  • Actions to be taken in the event of a fire
  • Principles of fire risk control:
        • Key elements for effective fire risk management
        • The fire triangle and controlling fire risks
        • Fire risk control measures
        • Fire prevention measures
  • Safe use of portable fire fighting equipment
  • Fire safety equipment checks


Learners will be tested and assessed on the following:

  • Theory assessment (Multiple Choice Question Paper) and continuous formative assessment conducted throughout the course.
  • Practical Extinguisher use

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