First Response Emergency Care - Level 4

This course gives candidates the skills, knowledge and confidence to stabilise a patient and provides a next step for individuals who hold a FREC3.

Course Details:

This course is RQF and Ofqual regulated.

After completing the First Response in Emergency Care 3 (FREC 3) learners can take their next step in their prehospital care journey and undertake the First Response and Emergency Care 4 which will further provide them with the skills and talent needed for their career. 

Fulfilling the competencies set out in the PHEM skills framework at descriptor level E, this qualification provides learners with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to be able to deal with a wider range of prehospital care emergencies, such as: major incidents, fracture immobilisation, sick and injured children, mental health issues and more.

Aspects of the Course:

  • Initial patient assessment 
  • Physiological observations 
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Heart disease
  • Electrocardiogram application and monitoring
  • Managing a patient’s airway – supraglottic airways
  • Medical gases – including dosages and administration
  • Thoracic trauma
  • Sepsis
  • Maternity care
  • Respiratory disorders and infections
  • Mechanisms of injury and kinetics
  • Triage
  • Full body and limb immobilisation
  • Sexual assault
  • Major incidents
  • Psychosocial development in children
  • Emergency care for sick and injured children
  • Mental health crisis
  • Assisting the clinician with clinical interventions


To be awarded this qualification the Learner must 100% pass of all the assessments carried out.

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